Audience Building Program

Sawa Sawa 2012

Sawa Sawa 2012

Sarakasi Trust has several audience building activities. One of these is the annual Sawa Sawa Festival, held at the beginning of December. Important objectives for hosting an event of this kind are to develop cross cutting audiences, bring profile and exposure to Kenyan artists and build capacity in the area of cultural entrepreneurship and festival production.

Sarakasi Trust initiated the concept of the annual Sawa Sawa Festival to create a unique festival with an African identity appealing to the Kenyan public at large while at the same time creating an opportunity to reach out to audiences across age, gender, cultural and economical back grounds.

Sawa Sawa aims to promote and stage the performing arts through several platforms like workshops, exchanges between local and international artistes, technical skill and cultural sharing workshops, community building (theme) activities, jam sessions/studio recordings, media activations and the multi stage multi day concerts.

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