Partner Networks

Partner Networks

Sarakasi’s vision cannot exist in isolation. It has therefore developed and maintained existing networks and partnerships and continues to build new ones with organizations whose visions connect with Sarakasi’s. This networking has continued to expand the Trust’s knowledge and broadened its horizon by offering its artists, staff and trainers valuable exchange of information, skills and funds.

This way, Sarakasi Trust has been a member of several partner networks since 2007. These networks fund a big chunk of the Trust’s cultural exchanges and therefore see many artists travelling overseas.

In the past Mundial Productions  and Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet  have assisted Sarakasi artists with training and performance opportunities as well as talent for the Sawa Sawa Festival.  Sarakasi has been part of (also as a board member) of the United Cultures for Development Network (UCDN, founded by Mundial Productions Netherlands). UCDN is a network of 11 partners from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe whose vision is to work in arts and culture to contribute positively to development. It does this through various activities such as capacity building, fostering cultural entrepreneurship, exchanges, lobby and advocacy.

We are still in active partnership with Fredskorpset (FK) Norway (the Norwegian Peace Corps) ( or, which partners with various countries around the world (in particular, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Norway for the purposes of knowledge in performance exchange) was established in October 2010.




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