Sarakasi Trust Artists Back From Ethno Sweden

Sarakasi Artists Back From Ethno Sweden

95 participants from19 countries gave us a magical last concert at Ethno 2015. The venue at Rättviksparken was sold out, the concert had to be postponed for ten minutes, still all the listeners did not get in before Ethno started.

And the concert was a fantastic musical smorgasboard of delicate spices from all over the world! Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia and the audience never seemed to get enough of the dishes!  – Ethno Sweden


Among them were three of Sarakasi’s most promising talent, Fatiya (Drummer and Singer), Nanha (Singer and Percussionist) and Sonia (Singer and Dancer). The three had earlier been picked through a two day rigorous process of elimination that saw over 60 musicians audition at Sarakasi Dome. They then came together for two weeks of intensive training and creating together under the watchful eye of veteran Sarakasi Musician and Percussionist Ted Walukwe.

Ethno Sweden is a celebration of world folk music and features hundreds of musicians from all over the world. Our artists had the privilege to join their peers in Rättvik, Sweden for 7 days of cultural exchange and celebration. While there they got an opportunity to make presentations on various aspects of Kenyan folk music, borrowing heavily from the five main ethnic communities. They also had the opportunity to witness performances by musicians from other countries and later join them in workshops and performances.

The musicians touched down at JKIA on Saturday 4th July 2014 and had so much to share with us. “It was such an eye opener for me, to realize that among all this electronic music (I also play lead and bass guitar), so many youth from all over the world are still holding on to their roots. I have come come with a very healthy appreciation of our traditional instruments and culture” said Fatiya