The Smiles for change formerly known as The Sarakasi Trust Hospital Project was initiated in 2006 as a special project under Sarakasi’s wings. A tailor made edutainment program, bringing art en laughter to vulnerable children living in difficult circumstances. Our team comprising of 2 administrative staffs and 9 artists visit various locations within Nairobi, Kiambu as well as the Rift Valley. We reach out to children and youths who are hospitalized or undergoing rehabilitation as well as children with special needs.

We love what we do, bring laughter to children who are admitted in hospital for a long period of time and are far away from their parents, relatives and friends. This result can be achieved by simply blowing a bubble for a child that is crying, creating awareness on hygiene through puppetry, sitting at the bedside and reading a story to a very sick child, dancing with the mums of hospitalized children at ward or letting a doctor play guitar.

In addition, we also create platforms for youth in correctional facilities and remand homes to openly discuss issues affecting them e.g. drugs and crime. Tap into their hidden talents like acrobatics, music or even craft making e.g. beading and card making. It is all about a positive change! Since its inception in 2006 to date, the edutainment program is running in 11 locations.


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