Outreach Social Circus Training Program

Sarakasi Trust is an East African organization based in Nairobi which responds to the need for development and promotion of culture, performing arts, and entertainment by means of acrobatics, dance, and music.

Sarakasi supports new, yet very professional, artists from Nairobi, who are often born and raised in the slums. It gives these artists the opportunity to have control over their talents, their lives, and their careers. By giving these artists a stage, Sarakasi also provides entertainment for the inhabitants of Nairobi. This is done by organizing festivals and events. These festivals and events are widely supported, and additionally, they are free.

The Trust’s ‘Outreach Social Circus Training Program’ is the first level in the Sarakasi training model which gives courses in dance and acrobatics on several locations in the slums of Nairobi. The next levels in the training model not only provide entertainment and technical skill training, it also provides life skill training and a chance to practice at the Sarakasi Dome, where the Trust is located. This program is a way out of poverty, and a proven opportunity to have a successful future for hundreds of young artists. They may even gain an international career, as Sarakasi also provides international exchanges and commercial contacts.

Cirque du Soleil has agreed to support the ‘Outreach Social Circus Training Program’ by donating 150 tickets for their show KOOZA on the 27th of March 2014 to the Sarakasi Trust. Sarakasi may sell these tickets for a slightly higher price. By buying tickets for this show, you have the opportunity to witness a wonderful show, while donating to the program at the same time.  By buying a ticket you will enable Sarakasi to reach out to more vulnerable youth

Through its outreach program, have fun and train and giving them an actual chance to a sustainable future.

With this email, I appeal to several potentially interested parties: individuals, schools, and associations and companies interested in art, culture, theater, social development, Kenya, or Cirque du Soleil. Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested as well.

The ticket prizes are:

Category 1: € 80.00

Category 2: € 63.50

Category 3: € 50.50

To order tickets, please send an email to liesbeth@sarakasi.co.ke

Arts and culture for a better world!