Training and Capacity Building Program

The training program is at the centre of Sarakasi’s activities and is split into four levels of ascending skill.

  1. The first level involves outreach training in centres on a weekly basis to young people living in low income neighbourhoods (informal settlements mainly in and around Nairobi), equipping them with basic performance and life skills in order to provide them a real chance at overcoming the challenges of poverty.
  2. At the second level, performance training takes place at the Sarakasi Dome through daily sessions and (life skill) workshops for mostly young adult trainees.
  3. The third level of training features professional performers who clearly have risen above the initial two stages and are deemed to take on local and international stages.
  4. The fourth and final level involves the selection and training of the professional performers to serve as peer trainers at the Dome and at the outreach training level. Through the years thousands of artists have benefitted from this program. Since January 2010 the training, capacity building and performance programs also involve young adult blind and visually impaired musicians and deaf acrobats and dancers dubbed the Talanta training.